Tasting Hong Kong

Tasting Hong Kong,

Hong Kong airport





part 1

the taste of jyun1 joeng1


paper + found object


A drink with the proportion of 7 tea with 3 coffee and milk is jyun1 joeng1.


Play. Taste. Hong Kong, creation, if focused to much on food is much like designing, in turn with zero impact. An alternative way to understand the drink and not its form, try a cup of “jyun1 joeng1,” So they can have a good time to grasp the taste.


– Drink a glass of strange drink with 3:7 proportions. This ratio has full possibilities; the total is full of associations. How to “tune”, “more” out of proper proportion?


– What is a good cup of jyun1 joeng1? One definition is “facing a dilemma,” since it is no longer coffee, nor tea. This is nondescript, but what is this all about?


– The importance of experiments: with too much calculation, the flavor might be lost, and the experience will design their own areas in the brain with full reflection.


– Popularity? Humanity? jyun1 joeng1 and space (cafe) producing the mutual chemistry?


With the above points, start the experiment, this model accommodates an unlimited number of curators. Also, I would like to thank the hard working Seewhy, the girl lived here a few days.


part 2

My A-Z


illustration on canvas